We design the experience to fit the vision.

Commercial & Residential Design.

Domestic an Foreign Capability

Maringa Investment Properties will assist our clients locating, selecting, or designing your next commercial or residential project.

Where luxury design can exceed visual expectations.

Our staff here at Maringa Investment Properties work diligently to bring client visions to reality.

Company Services

See below services offered by Maringa Investment Properties.

For additional information or to set up an appointment with our staff, please use the "contact us" tab located on the home page or contact our offices at (832) 390-2576.  Our offices are located at 700 Louisiana Street Suite # 3950  Houston, Texas. 77002.

Commercial or Residential Property 

Invest, Buy, Sell

Our staff works with the top professionals in their field of expertise to locate foreign or domestic properties for the purpose of investing, buying or selling. 

Architecture Design & Rehabs

New Design, Redesign, Interior Design & Rehab

We specialize in Art Deco, Greek Rival, Neoclassical, Contemporary, Modern, Cape Cod, Commercial, Victorian, Baroque, BAUHAUS, Colonial, Craftsman, Green Design, Interior, Urban, Arts & Craft, Georgian, Italianate, Landscape. Prairie, Tudor...

Foreign Markets

The Americas & Europe

Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chili, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, France, Germany, Italy, London, Spain, United Kingdom, Great Britain.

Surety Bonds & More

Seeking A Surety Bond?

Wether your looking to protect a small business, business services, personal surety bond,  contract & construction bonds, commercial bond, bid bond, payment bond, performance bond, private surety bonds, state bonds, federal bonds , court bonds, etc, allow our staff to assess your needs & partner you with the right agency.